Submariner With Gemstone-Rolex Oyster Professional Diver Watch

Rolex Submariner is a classic diver watch as well as an model for other diver watches. in 1953, it releases the first diver watch that could dive into 100 meters. After that, with its triplock triple waterproof system, its water resistance rise up to 300 meters. Placing in the deep Ocean, Rolex Submariner wrist watch is a necessary tool; placing in the land, it is also a graceful sport watches, particularly the Submariners with various jewelries on it that makes it perfect for ladies.

A Swiss Watches Store Rolex Oyster Submariner 116649 Black Dial
Rolex Oyster Submariner 116649 Black Dial wrist watch is made of white gold and gemstones are inserted in the middle of links. Outside the watch, it case is inserted with green, square-cut diamonds, which is by no means luxury. Just like other Rolex Oyster movement, 3135 also passes official tests and its precision and performance should never let you down.

Rolex Oyster Submariner 116758

Rolex Oyster Submariner 116758 watch is made of 18 k gold and just like Rolex Oyster Submariner 11649, it has several gemstones on slits of bracelets, and the lug and dial are covered by diamonds, while the time indexes are coated with luminous materials which make it distinguished from the above two. Outside the bezel is rotation of red and blue and white diamonds, colorful and beautiful as well. Rolex Oyster Submariner 116758 is fitted with Rolex 3135 automatic winding movement. Just like other excellent Rolex movement, Rolex 3135 movement is a standard model of precision.

The above three watches are Rolex Submariner sport wrist watches, but full of diamonds on the case and other components lessen their performance on water-resistance, as we could not see 300M water-resistance on its dial. But this fact also proves that Rolex Submariner series watch has a strong market in non-professional area.