Important Facts About Custom Kigurumi

custom kigurumi

Important Facts About Custom Kigurumi

Whether you’re looking to buy a custom kigurumi for your child or are considering the option for yourself, it’s important to know some important facts about these unique clothing items Crocodile Onesies These include pricing, design changes, and which shops specialize in these unique creations.


Depending on how complicated the custom kigurmi is, the price will go up. A simple kigurmi can start at $300, and more complicated designs can start at over a thousand dollars. A custom kigurmi will have an oversize lined hood, big colorful buttons, pockets and reinforced seams. In addition, it will come with a reference sheet for the fursona. If you would like to purchase a custom kigurmi, email your image to kigurmi Duck Onesies com, or send your request via Skype. Usually, the price offer will include a list of extras, such as detachable parts, stripes and spots, but you can request those separately if you prefer.

Kigurumis are made from soft anti pill fleece. The tufts are made from high-quality faux fur, and the zippers and buttons are clothing grade. They can be washed in a regular washing machine. You can also request a custom kigurmi in a tailored style. A kigurmi will cost you a little more than a t-shirt or hoodie, but they are worth it. They are true to the original Japanese concept, and are comfy and relaxed.

Design changes fee

Whether you’re a fan of mascots or not, you have probably heard of the concept of the design changes fee. A design changes fee is an extra charge you can pay to a kigurumi maker if you need to make any changes to the design of your kigurumi. This fee is not based on the cost of a kigurumi but on the labor needed to make the changes, the time spent on the changes and the materials available.

While a design changes fee is not required by law, it is still a good idea to ask. A design changes fee can cover a variety of things, from replacing the fabric on your kigurumi to making a complete color change.

Shops that specialize in custom kigurumi

Creating a custom Kigurumi is a lot of fun. Kigurumi originated in Japan as animal styled onesie pajamas, but has since evolved into a whole new category of costume apparel. Kigurumi costumes are fun party attire and great lounging attire.

Kigus are made from soft anti-pill fleece. They have zipper fronts, cotton lined pockets, and are made to your measurements. You can have your kigu made to look like your favorite fursona, animal, or even your own pet. They are also made to the highest standards of quality. Some kigu makers also offer payment plans. Some kigu makers offer extra fees based on the material or time of labor involved.