Adult Animal Kimuro

Animal kigurumi is a popular craft for those who love to make Christmas or holiday themed crafts. These adorable and cuddly little onesies are created from materials that can easily be found in your local craft store or even online. The adult animal kigurumi kit comes with a sewing pattern, making it easy for the crafter to start making these adorable holiday decorations. The following are three of my favorite animal onesies for adults.

Adult Animal Kimuro
First is the adult animal kigurumi dress up pajamas. These flannel pajamas are made with an adult pajama size chart so that the adult can transform himself or herself into Santa Claus for the holidays. They come in black with red accents on the flannel. The adult animal kigurumi Santa’s hat and reindeer boots are detachable to use as Santa’s helper or stand next to him in the kitchen while cooking dinner.

The second one of my adult onesie favorites is the Christmas ones. This flannel Santa costume has a hooded pajama outfit with a reindeer print on the outside. The Christmas enemies come with two different headbands, one is white and pink and the other is green and blue. These adult kigurumi outfits can be worn alone or teamed with another type of outfit like a Santa’s helper costume, Santa’s fat suit, or Santa’s snow suit.

And finally the last of my adult animal kigurumi costumes is the snowman or Christmas tree costume. This is an amazing pajama with a snowman style body. The snowman pajamas have a white pants and a white headband. You also get a red vest, a little red bow Shop Adult Goofy Costume Cheap Price and a pair of Christmas hot pants.

While these are three of my favorite adult kigurumi animal onesies, I believe there are about twenty more out there. Some of my favorites include the fat Santa’s robe, the bunny costume for women, the stingy snake outfit for boys, the fireman Santa’s outfit, the snowman winter outfit for girls, the plaid flannel costume, and the pirate’s hat and scarf combination for boys. There are maybe twenty more that I’m forgetting right now. I’ve also noticed that each of these enemies has some sort of different meaning associated with them Shop Adult Owl Costume Cheap Price

The reason why these enemies are so popular for adults is because they are both fun and beautiful to wear. Adults can wear them and still feel like children. Kids love to play with them and adults just enjoy looking at them. No matter what you chose to call your Rur creature, they’re sure to be a big hit in your family’s Christmas stocking this year!