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  • Bluey Kigurumi

    Bluey Kigurumi Whether you’re looking to get into the spirit of Halloween, or just want to dress up for fun, a bluey kigurumi can be the perfect costume Adult Blanket Hoodie These adorable costumes are made out of fleece and come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. There are also plenty of […]

  • Anime Kigurumi Cosplay

    Anime Kigurumi Cosplay Anime gao kigurumi is a type of masked cosplay that originated in official stage shows of Japanese anime. It has since been adapted by hobbyists. Anime North Anime North is a convention held in North America. It is a three day event that attracts tens of thousands of fans Koala Onesies The […]

  • What is Kigurumi?

    What is Kigurumi? Whether you’re planning on having a kigurumi party, or you just want to know what a kigurumi is, you’ve come to the right place Hamster Onesies Here, we’re going to discuss the history of kigurumi, how to wash a kigurumi, and even how to get a kigurumi ready for a party! History […]